Being Bruce -: QRC Relationship Marketing Events

Thursday, March 25, 2010

QRC Relationship Marketing Events

We recently ran three short seminars on topics from new Quantum Results Coaching 31 Days to Business Mastery books.

In North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Kerry Kasotsky of Health Choice One gathered a room full of people at California Dreaming restaurant to hear a presentation based on 31 Days to Relationship Marketing Mastery.

Nolan Formalarie with Plantation Properties and Lauren Formalarie of Coastal Carolina Concepts hosted a group in Southport on the same topic, relationship marketing mastery.

At the end of the seminar one of the attendees, Mike Canu, with Chews4Health offered to do a quick video testimonial.

And in Leland Marge and I held a luncheon seminar based on 31 Days to Greeting Card Marketing Mastery.

With our focus on networking and relationship marketing, Quantum Results Coaching helps small businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals get the most for their marketing efforts and budget by maximizing the effectiveness of state of edge relationship marketing techniques and strategies.

Our elite Passions Lead to Profit 3-stage coaching program focuses on the personal power and business strength as the cornerstones of efficient, effective long lasting business relationship building.