Being Bruce -: UNCW Masters of Public Administration, Graduate Student Association-

Thursday, March 18, 2010

UNCW Masters of Public Administration, Graduate Student Association-

On Tuesday evening I had the honor of speaking to the Graduate Student Association of UNC-W's Masters of Public Administration program about business networking and relationship marketing. I had a fine time and appreciated the opportunity to present and field questions from this knowledgeable and involved group.

Below, MPA-GSA Shamair Faison introduced me.

The half hour passed quickly (they actually let me go on for almost 40 minutes) and I had a great time. Thanks again to Shaimir and all the student and faculty member of the GSA and MPA program who were in attendance.

Also, Tom Barth of the MPA Faculty told me about an important annual service recognition program the MPA department puts on. Each year the MPA department sponsors a Public Service Awards Reception. In Tom's words, "It's a marvelous opportunity for the region to celebrate outstanding examples of public service in the government, nonprofit and corporate sectors."

Tom's group is looking for nominations for this program as well as sponsors. They hold a reception free to all nominees and their supporters and, according to Tom, typically draw about 125-150 people.

you're interested in attending, nominating, or sponsoring this fine community recognition effort and event, I've posted three documents you can access, an description of the awards program, a Call for Nominations, and a flyer from last year's event. You can access them at this link: MPA-GSA Public Service Awards Program.