Being Bruce -: Why I Think You Should Read "Crush It!"

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Why I Think You Should Read "Crush It!"

Wow, what a book!

As I said in the video, Bruce Henderson of Hanover Center was the guy who first told me about "Crush It!"

A few weeks later Buddy Blake, a fellow Realtor at Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Realty in Wilmington, NC sent me a copy as an unexpected gift! Thanks, Buddy!

So now I've read the book and "Whoa, what a powerful book!"

The basic message is: with the new media available thanks to the Internet, anyone can create their own, personal brand and "crush it", but only if they work hard and focus on something they're very passionate about.

My quick take is there are six parts to the book. I like 'em all, but I like the fourth part best.

Part One - Sell 'em - Get people pumped, get out the messages about loving family, working hard, living passions and combining the last two. Makes the points about social media, personal branding.

Part Two - Teach 'em - Major social media and new media Internet platforms, why and how, gives examples.

Part Three - Make it personal - More about branding. Why you should, how you can, and what it will mean personally.

Part Four - Bigger messages - What it really means on this planet and to you!

Part Five - Blueprint - Take it and do this on your own. You can and you should, but if you don't, don't come crying.

Part Six - Gifts - Some examples of possible fields in which to "crush it" that if you don't at least check them out a little, you really don't get it (cuz subject doesn't matter, it's the medium and the method, silly).

OK, so that's my read on this book (first time thru anyway). Here's a link where you can buy "Crush It! it from Amazon (and btw, that's not an affiliate link because they're not allowed in North Carolina with Amazon - so I won't make any money if you buy it). You should also be able to get it soon at RBR Books in Leland because last week we warned our buddy Clif Bridgers who owns that bookstore that we were going to blog about it so he better get in a few copies.

So yes, I like the book. A lot. And I really like the major message and the message behind the message, which is that it's OK to be "you". And in fact, you can become a brand! If you have no clue what I'm talking about, and especially if you're in business, or want to be, you probably better read the book.

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