Being Bruce -: Cape Fear Business Consulting Ribbon Cutting

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cape Fear Business Consulting Ribbon Cutting

Cape Fear Business Consulting had it's North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce ribbon-cutting on Friday. The donuts and coffee were a big hit!

Health Choice One's Kerry Kasotsky talking with Carolyn Pirnat of Asset Storage and Ron Pezzote of Cape Fear Technologies.

Jack Henderson of the husband and wife rock and roll oldies group Side by Side Duo.

Ron Pezzote with Dave Seaton of Pestco Exterminating.

Cape Fear Business Consulting's Monica Clark with NBCC Board member Dana Fisher.

Scott Reeves of Azalea Place advertising the Leland Under the Lights car show!

Getting ready for the cut.

During the cut.

After the cut!

Thanks Monica, and best wishes for Cape Fear Business Consulting.