Being Bruce -: Magnolia Salon and Spa Ribbon Cutting

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Magnolia Salon and Spa Ribbon Cutting

Here we go again with another North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting, this time for Magnolia Salon and Spa on Grandiflora Drive in front of Magnolia Greens in Leland, North Carolina.

New owner Shannon Lane took over the business earlier this year.

Andrea Smith (in yellow) does pedicures and manicures and Tina Jones, seated, is the receptionist.

Stylists Sarah Curry and Autumn Strickland.

Stylists Deeanne Henson, Courtney Caudle, and Mindy Inman.

A wash station.

Styling stations.

Chamber members, staff and volunteers gathered for the ceremony. The fully visible faces of the folks below include Pastor Jay Merritt, Dana Fisher, Jamie Shoemaker, Tony Vlach, and Gina Schiess.

Tony Vlach talks with David Merrill of Hertz Rentals while NBCC Executive Director Terry Grillo and Shannon talk with Tina at the reception desk.

Mindy, Stylist Heather Williams, Sarah and Autumn.

Terry gives Shannan the low down on how our ribbon cuttings go.
OK, so front row only: Jamie Shoemaker, Terry Grillo, Tina Jones, Shannon Lane, Sarah Curry George Murray, and Donna Cameron.

The same crew with Frank Bullara now on the right end.

It's a cut!

And Shannon gets to keep the cut portion of the ribbon while NBCC President George Murray looks on.

That's Stylist Heather Williams in the center of the photo, with Autumn Strickland and Sarah Curry to her right (actually her left, our right).

Massage therapist Lori Petco and Andrea Smith.

Bob Baer, Mike Leggett, and Franklin Rouse.

Chamber stalwarts Alice Razzano, SunTrust Bank Manager Denise Harris, and NBCC Ambassador Jeannie Reilly.

Frank Bullara and Jeff Harvell.

Once again the ribbon was cut, the donuts were eaten, and we all had a fine time. Welcome to the Chamber, Shannon and all your crew.