Being Bruce -: Sea Coast Realty Leland Office Oyster Roast

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sea Coast Realty Leland Office Oyster Roast

Each month Denise Kinney, the managing broker of the Leland office of Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Realty sets a contract goal for the 20-odd Realtors who work in the office. If we make or exceed the goal (or rather I should say 'when', because we usually make it), Denise plans a party. This year we've hit our goal most months, and last evening we had an oyster roast at our office to celebrate exceeding our October goal target.

Realtor Sean Skutnik, a multi-talented guy who also fishes, gardens, and cooks, did the honors of picking up and cooking the oysters and he did a fine, fine job. Here's Sean below with the initial load of oysters on the cooker (this was a very small portion of the oysters - we went through two huge cartons of them).

Office Manager Kari Essig and brokers Peter David, Linda Killian, and Craig Spafford.

Broker Howard Bailey, Kari, and Allyson Kinney with her mom Denise.

I left fairly early but the festivities went on for hours.

I wonder what Denise will think of when we beat our goal this month?