Being Bruce -: Visions & Dreams - A Locally Owned Business in Wilmington

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Visions & Dreams - A Locally Owned Business in Wilmington

At the suggestion of friends, Marge and I stopped by Diane Young's Visions & Dreams store in Wilmington this afternoon. Located at 4403 Park Ave., Visions and Dreams' tag line is 'Products & Services for Mindful Living'.

Diane Young, the owner of the shop, is a Reiki Practitioner. Her store provides meeting and workshop space for practitioners who wish a physical location for their work. Visions & Dreams also has books, crystals, stones, jewelry, and a variety of other products.

In the photo below are Diane Young and Hiromi Williams, a Therapist who works with crystals and gemstone sticks with acupressure and body relexology treatments.

Easily reached just south of Kerr Avenue on Park Avenue, Visions & Dreams is a comfortable place to visit.

The store's phone number is 910-799-1001 and the web site is .