Being Bruce -: The Passion Test meeting At K-W

Monday, November 30, 2009

The Passion Test meeting At K-W

I stopped by the Keller-Williams office today to speak with old friends Kevin O'Brien, Nicole Bunch, and Steve Renzulli about The Passion Test. Because Keller-Williams is putting on workshop based on the Law of Attraction in January, I thought it a good idea to give them the low-down on The Passion Test and the workshop we'll be presenting in the Wilmington and North Myrtle Beach areas soon.

After the meeting, which was a lot of fun, I recognized Jan Justice, a broker with Keller-Williams who was sitting behind the desk at the entry. I recognized Jan because we recently became friends on Facebook. When I mentioned to Jan why I was there she told me that just this weekend she'd signed on to The Passion Test website to check out the free Passion Test Profile that's available on the home page. That was quite a coincidence.

So it was a good meeting. K-W is known for its training, which is offered to people outside as well as inside their company, which I think is a nice service for the community.