Being Bruce -: What is The Passion Test all about?

Monday, November 23, 2009

What is The Passion Test all about?

In the early 1970s Marge and I took an intensive weekend course called Adventures in Attitudes. That was the first of many personal development courses, books, and training experiences I have experienced in the last four decades. Most of the seminars, teachers, books, workshops and so forth have been helpful, lending insight and in some cases helping me make significant directional shifts in my life. A few of the experiences stand out as pivotal for me personally, including Brian Klemmer's K&A Samurai training series of personal mastery and leadership workshops and Eckhardt Tolle's book The Power of Now. And now there is another.

I'm elated to introduce you to The Passion Test. As I say in the short video below, The Passion Test is a book, a test, and a system. It can be different things to different people because it contains much more, but at it's core The Passion Test is about helping people discover what is truly important in their lives and then changing their lives so they align more closely with their passions.

Here's the video:

Marge and I both found The Passion Test an easy to use yet profound tool and system. When we recommended the book to friends, we were quite surprised how most, whose experience with personal development seminars, teachers and books ranged from none at all to extensive, felt this book and the system it presents is extremely valuable.

Based on our personal experiences Marge and I sought and achieved certification to be Passion Test Workshop Facilitators. What that means is we are licensed to offer 3-hour Passion Test Workshops and also a two-session One-on-One Passion Test Course.

We would be delighted to speak with you about The Passion Test and how you might use it. You can also find more information on The Passion Test as well as a free Passion Test Profile you can online with an immediate report, please click on this link. (Please note that the link is an affiliate link which means that if you find something on the site you want to purchase or sign up for, I'll get credit for that and perhaps a slight commission.)

To talk with me about The Passion Test Workshop or the One-on-One Passion Test Course, please email me at or call me at 910-297-8753.