Being Bruce -: SunTrust Bank of Leland, NBCC Business After Hours

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

SunTrust Bank of Leland, NBCC Business After Hours

On November 2nd the new Leland, NC branch of SunTrust Bank sponsored a Business After Hours for members and guests of the North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce.

Mary Anne Fagerquist of the North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce greeted arriving guests. Here's Mary Anne with SendOutCards' Marge Brown.

The delightful decor of this beautiful bank was a topic of constant conversation. In this photo Mark Koval of Communities in Schools, SunTrust's Angie Coats, and Carolyn Pirnat of Asset Storage.

Marge and Frank Bullara of Bugsy's Cigars.

NBCC board members developer and publisher Jeff Harvell, George Murray of Murray Art & Frame, and attorney Randy Rhodes.

Dennis Walsh of Charlie Macgrooders (with his back to the camera), Dr. Adams, and Mary Anne (also with her back to the camera).

Marilyn Johnson, Carol Koenig, and Joyce Throop. I don't want to say they were rowdy. (But you only have to look to figure that out.)

Food was served everywhere, but particularly in the conference room.

Board member Todd Godbey of Kidsville News and Mark Koval.

Mr. and Ms. Roy Lettieri - Roy's running for Leland town council.

George Patterson of Mulch & More, Justin Williams of NBM and SBM magazines, George Murray, with Dana Fisher of Bradford Mortgage (back to camera).
NBCC board members Dr. Sheila Hanby of Capeside Animal Hospital and Connie Reeves of Azalea Place.

CPA Ray Borges telling us about his and his wife's big news.

Ray, Marge, and Dwayne Starks of PC Doc Onsite.

Randy, Nationwide's Tony Vlach, and Alice Razzano, NBCC chamber luncheon and event organizer.

Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Realty's Linda Cline and Sun Trust Mortgage's Donnie Grooms.

Dwayne Starks (who won the Featured Member of the month (for December) with SunTrust Bank manager Denise Harris and NBCC Executive Director Terry Grillo.

A whole bunch of people. From the left, Roy Lettieri, Dana Fisher, Marge Brown, Mike Leggett, Dr. Adams, Heather Britt, Jay Merritt, and Scott Reeves.

If you twisted her arm, Laura Patterson would show you this photo of her identical twin grandsons, Blair and Hamilton.

Near the end of the event George was talking with Sheila and with Tricia Merritt of Coastal Coverings & Closets.

So this one will go down in the NBCC annals as the Business After Hours with the sunniest decor. It was a good time, thanks to all who came and especially thanks Denise and the folks at SunTrust Bank.