Being Bruce -: Karen Chevrotee Ribbon-Cutting November 23, 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Karen Chevrotee Ribbon-Cutting November 23, 2009

The group gathered early for today's North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce ribbon-cutting at the NBCC offices for Karen Chevrotee's Wilmington Realty South.

In the photo below are Pastor Jay Merritt, photographer Bob Baer, Reator Brenda Bozeman, NBCC Executive Director Terry Grillo (back to camera), and Connie Reeves of Azalea Plaza.

While the others were chatting in the lobby Karen was in the reception room cutting the coffee cake.

Now you know why we call him "Digital Bob". Check out Bob Baer with his iphone.

NBM and SBM magazines' publisher Justin Williams literally rolled in with Ava Grace. That's SendOutCards Marge Brown and PrePaid Legal's Monica Clark in the background.

Brenda moved in so she and Ava Grace could have a close look at each other.

NBCC board member Dana Fisher of Bradford Mortgage came in dressed for a winter fashion show.

NBCC board member Connie Reeves, who's prepping for her annual role as Mrs. Claus.

The group gathered outside for the ribbon-cutting.

It may look like Bob was standing on my car windshield, but he wasn't, he's actually on a small stepladder, but I liked this shot anyway. Maybe I should call him "Hood Ornament Bob".

A tighter, more formal shot just before the cut.

And here's the dramatic moment!

Welcome, Karen, we're glad to you as part of the growing, active North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce.