Being Bruce -: Business Social Media Tip #22 - You Win!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Business Social Media Tip #22 - You Win!

Here's a no-brainer, great way for any person or business to utilize social media: Announce to the world any time you win an award, accomplish a goal, or hit a major milestone. As long as you write with sincerity and enthusiasm, others will enjoy it and be attracted to your post.

You do want to be real about announcing your wins, meaning they have to be actual accomplishments and it's not appropriate to over-exaggerate or gush, but a little exuberance is just fine.

As always with social media, your personal cheer leading is best when balanced with other contributions. It's also a great idea, maybe even stronger, to announce and celebrate others' wins as well as your own.

When you announce your wins on social media, depending on the actual media, do what you can to share the story and the personal feelings behind the event. Blog posts are perfect for story telling and adding photos, but with Facebook and Twitter, for example, you need to tailor the length and content of your posts to the specific media.

Whatever media you use, don't be shy about including links to your blog or web site or other sites where interested readers can find more information or background.