Being Bruce -: Greeting Card Marketing Tip #14 - Wedding Anniversaries

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Greeting Card Marketing Tip #14 - Wedding Anniversaries

Here’s a way to really stand out with your clients: send them a wedding anniversary card. It might not always be appropriate, for all businesses or professions, but a great idea if your business has reason to work with both members of couple, for example, financial planners, decorators, travel agents, home or car repair businesses, insurance sales folks, and real estate brokers.

You needn’t make a big deal about a client or prospect’s wedding anniversary, a simple card will be enough. I suggest that you don’t get too funny, cute, or clever, but rather just send a card wishing them a happy anniversary and a closing. You can make it more personal if you’re close with the couple but otherwise just keep it simple – remember a wedding anniversary is a shared holiday and what one partner might find amusing the other might find offensive, so beware.

One big reason you don’t need to put too much into writing a message in an anniversary card for clients is because this is a time when the mere act of observance may be way more than anyone else does (possibly one or both of the couple, too). So just keep it simple, but do it.

You might ask, “Who sends anniversary cards?” And my answer is, “You do, if you want an easy way to get your clients’ attention.”