Being Bruce -: Splish Splash Dog Wash in Leland - Ribbon Cutting

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Splish Splash Dog Wash in Leland - Ribbon Cutting

Today, Saturday November 21, 2009 Splish Splash Dog Wash is opening in Leland, North Carolina in the shopping center in front of Waterford off Route 17. Yesterday morning the North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce had the ribbon-cutting for this new service.

It made sense to me to bring Pepper, our 100-pound Giant Schnauzer, to this ribbon-cutting because she's such a camera hound I knew she'd like it. Below is Jack Brautigam, one of the owners of Splish Splash Dog Wash holding Pepper's leash. (She doesn't normally wear a bandana, but she still had it on from grooming two days previously - it disappeared by the end of the day).

A good number of NBCC board members, staff, and membership turned out for the ribbon-cutting, including Pastor Jay and Diane Merritt, who brought their dog for a wash and dry. In the photo below Diane and Jay are washing their dog while photographer Bob Baer, NBCC's Alice Razzano, and East Carolina Bank's Brian Hartzell look on.

Board member Tony Vlach, a commercial lines broker with Hibiske Nationwide Insurance came with Bella, who'd just had a visit with nearby vet (NBCC board member and Treasurer) Dr. Sheila Hanby. Not sure, but I think Tony and Bella use the same stylist. (What do you think?)

I caught this cartoonish shot of Pepper by accident. In nine and a half years of incessant photo taking of Pepper I've never before seen one where she looked like she belonged in a comic strip.

NBCC Executive Director Terry Grillo with Splish Splash owner Laura Brautigam, groomer Tami Bennikt, and owner Jack Brautigam.

Getting ready for the ribbon-cutting. Notice the three dogs in the picture. That's Dr. Hanby in the middle holding Bob Baer's dog.

And the ribbon was cut! This photo, btw, and the others that I'm in, were taken by Marge Brown.

Jay and Diane drying their dog after washing.

Alice Razzano and board member Brenda Bozeman.

A couplea Franks. Franklin Rouse of State Farm Insurance and Frank Williams of Pioneer Strategies. Pepper, too, of course.

NBM and SBM magazine publisher Justin Williams with ECB's Susan Crouse (thanks for coming on your day off, Susan) and Brian Hartzell.

I love this shot of Marge, just chillin' between the Splish Splash vaccuum stations.

Laura Brautigam talks with a chamber member Dave Seaton of Palmetto Publishing, and Pepper and me.

Jay and Diane holding their newly washed and dryed dog.

Bella and Pepper with Tony and me.

So now, within walking distance of each establishment we have a great vet (Capeside Animal Hospital), a gourmet dog bakery (Just for Dogs), and a dog wash (Splish Splash Dog Wash) all in Leland. The latter two are next door to each other, so stop by Splish Splash to wash your dog and then take her or him next door for some gourmet treats.