Being Bruce -: Side by Side Duo - Dancing at the NBCC Ribbon-Cutting

Friday, January 29, 2010

Side by Side Duo - Dancing at the NBCC Ribbon-Cutting

Okay, so turn it up, sit back, and see the evidence once again of how much fun we have in North Brunswick County, North Carolina.

We had a ribbon-cutting at the Chamber of Commerce offices. No big deal, right? Nuh-uh! For us that means it's time to PAR-TEEE! Of course it helped that the business for whom we were having the ribbon-cutting was Kathy and Jack Henderson's "Side by Side" live music duo, AND that they provided the entertainment.

We had a great time, the music was fine, and Kathy and Jack are great additions to our chamber and our community. So welcome, y'all.

NBCC Volunteers Alice Razzano and Mike Hoyt and Linda Cline of Coldwell Banker Sea coast Realty got the best seats to watch and listen. (Linda, btw, knew Kathy and Jack from years ago and was the person who introduced them to Leland and the Wilmington area.)

Jack Henderson.

NBCC board member Pastor Jay Merritt of Victory Walk Church.

NBCC volunteer Jeanne Reilly and staff do-everything-person Mary Anne Fagerquist.

Kathy and Jack.

Kathy Henderson.

Marge and Bruce Brown dancing in the lobby. (I think I've seen this before, LOL.)

Mike Hoyt and Linda Cline

Randy Larson of East Coast Staging, Mary Anne, Jeanne, and Monica Clark of Pre-Paid Legal.

NBCC Executive Director Terry Grillo and board member Connie Reeves.

Scott Reeves and Alice Razzano.

Getting ready to cut the ribbon.

It worked, another successful ribbon cutting.