Being Bruce -: Three New Titles in "31 Days to .... Mastery" Series Coming Very Soon

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Three New Titles in "31 Days to .... Mastery" Series Coming Very Soon

I am excited to announce that the next three titles in Quantum Results Coaching "31 Days to ..." Business Mastery Series will be available soon, probably by mid-February at the latest.

We're making some changes to add value to the new titles in the series and I'll hold off on exactly what they are until the books are released. However, three elements are staying the same (all of which met approval by buyers of 31 Days to Networking Event Mastery.

The first book is available via this link on and in three bookstores in the Wilmington area: Pomegranate Book and Two Sisters Bookery in Wilmington and RBR Books in Leland.

The three elements that will not change are:
  • One tip per page - we aren't going longer on the text per tip. These books are for busy business people. No fluff, no 0ver-explanation. Note the italics, however, we are adding something which we think will be very useful and of significant value - but I'm not talking about it here, at least not now. Also, note, that there is one exception to the one page per tip - in one volume, noted below, we felt the interest in and need for more detail and explanation demanded greater length - but we still don't exceed three pages for any tip. Some are one page, most are two pages long.
  • The tips and books are written for beginners and pros. I do my best to make it personal and positive. None of it is rocket science; my goal is to break it down into easy steps for novices and to still give value to the pros.
  • The selling price stays at $9.95. This price has worked well - it's not a barrier. We'd rather sell a lot of books and make less in order to help as many people as possible, than to charge more and make more per book but help fewer folks. One nice result is we've had people buy copies for co-workers or employees and in some cases for students and mentees.
Okay, so that's what doesn't change. One obvious element that does change is the cover color. The design is almost the same, but the colors now 'pop' with energy -- I hope you like them.

The new titles are:

31 Days to Marketing Relationship Mastery. This book is done and out for comment and review.

31 Days to Business Social Media Mastery. This is the book where the tips go longer. This book is not yet out for review because it's still in editing - I hope to get to our select group of reviewers by this coming Monday at the latest. When I speak in public at seminars and workshops this topic is the one that gets the most interest so we felt it warranted a bit more content per tip because, even with the explosion in interest social media over the past two years, and especially in business use of social media, most people still need a lot of help understanding the what's, why's and how's of social media. It's still a strategy book with tips and techniques, not a tutorial, but it needed to be longer.

And here's Volume IV, 31 Days to Greeting Card Marketing Mastery. Did you know there are 31 ways (or more) to use greeting cards in business relationship marketing? Well, there are. And this book outlines them.

So there you have it, folks. Three new titles, coming soon. I'm also working on Volume 5, and will soon reveal the title/topic of that book. I'm really pumped about it but need to keep it quiet for a few weeks.

Thanks again for all have shown interest in, given support of, and purchased 31 Days to Networking Event Mastery.