Being Bruce -: How to Run a Golf Tournament

Saturday, January 16, 2010

How to Run a Golf Tournament

Last week at Cape Fear National golf course in Brunswick Forest a bunch of folks who have or plan to run golf tournaments in Southeastern North Carolina were invited to attend a seminar run by the gentleman below, Phil Immordino of the Golf Tournament Association of America.

This is what Phil does for a living, traveling the country giving this seminar. He also sells books and materials and consults with groups that host and run tournaments. It was a hugely informative, entertaining three hours that went very quickly and I'm sure will benefit many local tournaments. I know we've already decided to implement some of the ideas in ours. If you're looking for great info on golf tournaments, check out the Golf Tournament Association of America website at this link.

Cape Fear National's Big Three: Head Pro Ron Thompson; General Manager Chad Anderson; Marketing Manager Brad Walker. Good guys all.

This is Douglas Malecki, CEO of Ad in the Hole. He's got a cool product, an advertising piece that goes literally "in the cup". Doug's web site is

This is the bar/lounge of Cape Fear National. Nice set up.

The pro shop will be heavy on apparel, light on equipment.

Virginia Forbis of Nike.

At the end of the session, before we broke for (an excellent) lunch, Brad Walker spoke with us briefly about the course and booking tournaments. My advice - call Brad soon if you want a good date in 2010!

You know, of course this was marketing and they want us to book tournaments at Cape Fear National, but it sure was generous for Brad, Chad and Ron to host this seminar for us. Great info, nice company, some good networking, and a a super lunch. Thanks to all involved.