Being Bruce -: Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity Builds a House in Leland

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity Builds a House in Leland

On Saturday agents and staff from the Leland Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Realty office turned out to help paint the interior of a home being built in Leland by Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity.

In the photo below, Alpha Mortgage's Lam Nguyen, Sea Coast Realty Leland office Broker-in-Charge Denise Kinney, and broker Scott Bowser get ready to paint.

The sun shown in brightly as the crew got ready, including family members who will live in the house. Brokers Peter David in the far corner, Karen Schwartz signing in, and Doug Jackson with a broom.

Peter David.

Trace McKay.

Lam's height meant he didn't need a ladder to hit the high spots.

Denise talks with the supervising contractor with Karen in the background and broker Julie Bass coming from the impromptu parking lot next door.

While we were painting other volunteers were working on the siding and front and back porches.

Denise and Carrie, the eventual homeowner.

Our supervisor instructing us on the finer points of painting.

Yeah, that's me with Karen doing the window.

Group shot while waiting for the first coat to dry: Karen Schwartz, Doug Jackson, Brenda Freckleton, Linda Cline, and Leslie Morgan.

Julie Bass and daughter Melissa.

Outside after our work was done.

Denise leading us in song! (Email me for the MP3 download - free to everyone else, very costly for Denise.)

Yearbook shot. Front row: Peggy McKay, Brenda Freckleton, Linda Cline, Melissa Bass. Back row: Bruce Brown, Lam Nguyen, Denise Kinney, Leslie Morgan, Julie Bass, Peter David, Howard Bailey, Doug Jackson.

Getting ready for lunch. Sea Coast agent Linda Killian delivered it, Lam Nguyen paid for it!

Eight pizza went pretty quickly.

A good time, good work, good people.