Being Bruce -: Bruce Doing It Downtown, Again - 1-19-2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bruce Doing It Downtown, Again - 1-19-2010

This week I went back downtown to check in on our website, get a haircut, see some friends and find something new.

When I went to TayloeGray (our web guys) to ask about some stuff I ran into Ian Oeschger of The Grove Project and Ranald Totten Publisher of WhatsOnWilmington.

After meeting those guys and talking with Nathan Tayloe about some fascinating html issues, I scooted off to my appointment at Nsalo Salon at 212 N Front Street. Receptionist Kathy and owner Roby Powers greeted me.

And stylist Melissa Kinnamon was ready to help me figure out what to do next. You'd think at my age I'd settle on a hair style, but I'm a farmer at heart, and you know what farmers say . . . "Half the fun is watching it grow." (ta-dum)

Okay, so after leaving Nsalo I wandered down North Front Street and stopped in front of the Post Office to check out this nifty piece of sculpture. Some don't know that the Wilmington area is the only area in the whole world (so I've read anyway) with several species of carnivorous plants (means they eat meat . . . well, actually bugs, but it's still meat, just in very small portions). This art work is a Venus Fly Trap. Cool, huh? As long as it doesn't eat mail.

The sculpture's title is Southern Hospitality, which shows that artist Paul Hill must be a pretty interesting guy as well as an impressive artist.

I almost walked past the Hot Pink Cake Stand. But I didn't make it, so I went in and while I was there took this photo of owner Jody Carmichael.

On my way for my usual Moxie fix, I almost passed Shoe Diva. In this case I didn't go in, but did grab this shot of shoes in the window. Can't you just see your Valentine wearing those? Yeah, baby!

I made it safely into Moxie Floral Design and was taken by this gorgeous arrangement in a window. Notice the peacock feathers! I don't think Cynthia and Djenana (pronounce it "janana", like "banana", totally forget the "D"), anyway, I don't think the "Moxie Girls" name their arrangements, but I'd call this one "Conflagration!"

Djenana with the flowers I took home to Marge.

And here they are at home.

Another day "Doing It Downtown". By the way, don't forget, you can, too . . .