Being Bruce -: "Hollywood East" Episodes 1 and 2 Promos

Sunday, January 17, 2010

"Hollywood East" Episodes 1 and 2 Promos

OK, so after we went to the Red Carpet Premier event Friday evening for the new Wilmington-based and filmed television series, "Hollywood East" I did what I usually do when we go places and blogged about it here with photos and put the same photos in a Facebook album.

Actually, I put up the Facebook album first, which was a good idea, because right off cast and crew members and others at the event helped me with names. I kept getting more info into the night so this morning I updated the blog entry with additions and corrections.

WWAY-TV3 broadcast the first episode locally this morning (Sunday the 18th) at 2AM and it'll be on the FTN channel tonight at 9PM.

Because some folks who weren't there Friday night and have no idea what "Hollywood East" is about, I've embedded in this post the promo videos I found on YouTube of the two videos. so check 'em out.

Here's the promo for Episode 1:

And Episode 2:

Fun stuff, locally grown.