Being Bruce -: Wilmington Tweetup January 28, 2010

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wilmington Tweetup January 28, 2010

There was a great turnout at the Wilmington Tweetup at Outback Steakhouse yesterday. In the photo below are Tweetup organizer Sarah Barbee of Fussbudget Promotions, ActionCoach Reggie Shropshire, and Holiday Inn Express' Jessica Dowell.

Blogger and writer Lisa Ashby.

Reggie, Jackie Willse of the TownPlanner, Kimberly Brumsey of KBAesthetics, and Jessica.

Sarah and Camden Watts.

Lisa with Dawn Bugni, of The Write Solution.

Gerald Collins of Treadwell Corporation.

Star News Social Media reporter Shannan Bowen striking a pose (to the amusement of Jackie Willse, on the left).


Shannan (not making faces at me this time) with UNCW creative writing grad student Lindsay Key.

Rebecca Powell, who lives and works in Downtown Wilmington and many people know has just started a new business for one-person stores and business. Her company is called Bec And Call and she'll come in and mind the store for a while or run your business while you take a vacation - a competent, experience woman, Becca's concept can be a lifesaver for single owner/operator businesses. Email her at or call her directly at 910-619-2885.

Port City Java Marketing Manager Megan Winters and Tim Brill, a good guy I've wanted to meet for a while now, from Brill Branding.

Kimberly with Andrew Gray of TayloeGray - a web design and marketing group.

Gayle Tabor and Jenn Beddoe of Glynne's Soaps. Jenn has also started business called Jenn the Teacher - she provides math and science tutoring, SAT prep, and homework help. Email or call her at 910-470-2505.

Neil Grant,who climbed Mount Everes, is Project Manager with Open Text with Sarah Barbee.

Sarah with Outback do-everything-guy Jason Miller.

Just before I left I met Kelly Cain Smith, Guest Events and Volunteer Coordinator with Port City Church. Kelly was talking with Jessica Dowell (on the left).

Another super Tweetup. This was one of the best. Thanks to Sarah and everyone else who got it together.