Being Bruce -: Strickland's Window Coverings Product Premier

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Strickland's Window Coverings Product Premier

Wilmington's Stickland's Window Coverings had a Product Premier Friday. Strickland's has been doing business in the same location since 1942 and continues to change and adapt to the times.

The colorful lineup below are rolls of aluminum blind material from the 1950's on display in the back of the showroom.

A blind slat cutting machine.

Wooden blinds from the 1940's.

1950's blinds.

Strickland's Fred Kumpel has been with the company for 27 years and was our knowledgeable host and quick tour guide.

One reason for the event was to introduce Strickland's new added focus on bedding.

Fred Kumpel and Bruce Brown of Quantum Results Coaching and Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Realty.

Strickland's also has a working relationship with Carolina Closet Company, with a display on-site.

Carolina Closet owner Ginger Thornton and designer Joelle Ando.

Fred with RSVP's Terry Hall.

There was great food at the event and we weren't shy. Below are Marge Brown of Fat City Cards, Steve West of N2 Publishing and Bruce Henderson of Hanover Center.

Here's only a small section of Strickland's selection area.

And this is an example of me trying to be creative. Does it work?

Fred Kumpel is a good guy and Strickland's is a fine example of a local company that has endured and will continue to thrive by keeping their focus on their primary business while forming alliances with related businesses and trying new lines.