Being Bruce -: Being Bruce Daily Kick Start 3-7-11

Monday, March 7, 2011

Being Bruce Daily Kick Start 3-7-11

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"At any moment of confusion, think of something to be grateful for, focus on your passions, and then move forward." - Being Bruce

Today's activity so far :

Day 47 - 167.0 pounds, 21% body fat, bp 122/80, resting pulse 69
Exercise: 30 minutes walking
- Several cups of black coffee
- 2 oz OJ with vitamins and supplements
- lots of water
- breakfast - 1 cup of  Quinoa with EVO
- lunch - Shakeology chocolate with skim milk, blueberries and blackberries,

- dinner - not sure yet (one thing good about having quinoa for breakfast and Shakeology for lunch is it simplifies the whole decision making thing (and both are super quick and convenient, not to mention healthy!)
Comment:Looking forward to a busy busy week, all good stuff. I'm really enjoying the Beachbody business - doesn't hurt to be focusing on fitness and health a lot of the day, for sure. As I wrote yesterday, this week could be a big turning point in continuing weight loss - would like to be in lower 160s by week's end. Wish me luck (of course it's not about luck, it's about exercise, eating right, and, now, including Shakeology each day, which is making a difference in many ways for me (all good, lol).

Overall Progress so far:
Bruce's Progress Chart 1/20/2011 3/7/2011 4/20/2011
Start Today 90-Day Goal % of Goal
Weight (lbs) 181.5 167.0
150 46.0%
Body fat % 25 21 18 57.1%
BMI (Body Mass Index) 27.6 25.4 23 48.1%

My diet is based on Beachbody's Shakeology:

Please note: I am an independent distributor with Beachbody and I benefit if people buy Shakeology. I make a big deal about it because I think it's fabulous and nothing else on the market compares, so that's why I brought it into our business.