Being Bruce -: Weight Loss Tips - Your Next Goal

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Weight Loss Tips - Your Next Goal

 Your Next Goal

Continuing with our SMART Goal example, the woman in our example, after rechecking with her doctor, begins the second phase of her weight loss plan with these SMART goals.

Specific – “I will lose 18 pounds to achieve my total weight loss goal of 30 pounds.”

Measurable –“I will weigh myself each morning before breakfast, record my weight on my blog and on the Facebook page for my group of Healthy Goal Achievers.”

Actionable –“I will work out seven days per week and follow a healthy nutrition plan daily. My nutrition plan will include healthy alternatives for when I travel on business. I will find a buddy in my Healthy Goal Achievers Group for daily check ins and mutual support.”

Realistic – “Starting my program on September 1st allows sufficient time to meet my goal”

Time bound – “Achieve goal by December 31st for trip abroad.”

You can sense the “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” spirit in this second goal setting session for the woman in our example. She is getting more support this time with a buddy, posting her daily results for her entire support group to view, and reinforcing her commitment to daily workouts and nutrition plans to suit her lifestyle.

With this sort of SMART goal setting approach, you can meet your weight loss goal. As with any challenge, it helps to break down your obstacles and deal with them in pieces. The approach of breaking down goals into several cycles is a good way to use honest assessments to make the necessary course corrections to ensure your success!


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