Being Bruce -: Weight Loss Tips - We’re Passionate About Your Success

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Weight Loss Tips - We’re Passionate About Your Success

 We’re Passionate About Your Success

Several years ago we complete The Passion Test, based on the New York Times best seller, The Passion Test, by Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood.

One of Bruce’s top five passions is “Being a Significant Positive Change Agent” and one of Marge’s top five passions is “Leading and Inspiring Others to Achieve Their Why”. We are committed to living in alignment with our passions. Therefore Bruce is committed to helping others with positive change and Marge is committed to leading and inspiring others to achieve their goals.

Being your cheerleader for your weight loss journey is who we are and why we wrote this ebook. We encourage you to contact us to share your successes and obstacles so we can coach you to your finish line. Your success is our purpose and joy!

Your success can also be an inspiration to others. One by one we will end the trend of obesity and related health problems. Our stories are the most powerful way we can influence others. We want to add your story (anonymously, of course) to our conversations with others who are ready to begin their weight loss journey.

We’ve shared our story. What's yours?


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