Being Bruce -: Weight Loss Tips - Your Ideal Workout Time

Friday, March 2, 2012

Weight Loss Tips - Your Ideal Workout Time

 Your Ideal Workout Time

Only you know the best time of the day for you to work out. Everyone’s lifestyle is different and not everyone can work out at the same time each day.

We prefer morning workouts because it gets our energy up at the beginning of the day, and we both feel we’ve accomplished something really important for ourselves before our “work” day officially begins. If you schedule your workout mid day or in the evening, you definitely increase your chances of skipping it once the day starts to roll with the unexpected events that are just part of life.

In contrast, our daughter, the mother of three young children, works out in nighttime soccer games after her children are in bed. Her husband knows he’s on duty those nights and honors her workout commitment to herself.

If you’re feeling tired and unmotivated, start by putting on your work out clothes. Then get to your work out space and before you know it you’ll push “Play” on your DVD and start to move on autopilot. Sometimes just telling yourself you’ll do one-half of your normal work out is enough to get you in motion.

You’re not alone! Contact your buddy for encouragement and be ready to toss it back to your buddy when they call you for help. If you enroll for The Beachbody Challenge (, you get access to an online gym where you can interface with hundreds of work out buddies, which is fun and motivating.

If your primary workout is weather dependent, then you’ll definitely want a secondary workout program for any day when the weather is inclement. Bad weather is not an excuse to not work out!

We both look a week ahead and plan to work out seven days per week, knowing that we’re okay with skipping one day out of seven if we’re out late the evening before or have an early morning appointment. That’s the only “bye” we allow ourselves.

Plan your normal workout time and keep it a high priority in your life.


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