Being Bruce -: Weight Loss Tips - Get an Accountability Buddy

Friday, March 9, 2012

Weight Loss Tips - Get an Accountability Buddy

 Get an Accountability Buddy

Getting an accountability buddy during your weight loss program can be like having a personal GPS to keep you on course!

Most people cannot achieve their weight loss goal as lone rangers. We were lucky to have each other as accountability partners. You might have to reach out to someone beyond your household who shares your desire to adopt a wellness-based lifestyle.

Your commitment to daily workouts and improved nutrition can be challenging to maintain on your own, especially when no one is watching or cheering you to the finish line!

Here’s the definition of what it means to “Buddy Up” with someone.
a. to become friendly; be on friendly or intimate terms
b. to work closely together

Identify at least three possible candidates to be your Buddy during your weight loss journey. Contact each person and let them know about your commitment to change your lifestyle and find out if the time is right for them to do the same.

Once you’ve found your Buddy, the two of you need to decide how you will best support each other, how and when you’ll communicate, and what your expectations are for helping each other stay on track.

For example, you and your Buddy might decide to start each day with a phone call, text, or e-mail announcing the start and end time of your workouts. You can exchange photos of each other at the beginning, during, and at the end of your respective weight loss journeys. You could also send cards or make audio and/or video tapes of encouragement for your Buddy to use when you can’t make a live connection.

Use these four questions to help you and your buddy communicate clearly:
1. What’s working?
2. What’s not working?
3. Where do I need support?
4. What’s my commitment until the next time we communicate?

You’ll be amazed at the positive energy you can create with a strong Buddy!


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