Being Bruce -: Weight Loss Tips - Send Yourself Cards of Encouragement

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Weight Loss Tips - Send Yourself Cards of Encouragement

 Send Yourself Cards of Encouragement

We’re big believers in the power of greeting cards to strengthen relationships. Our suggestion is to use greeting cards over the course of your workout program to strengthen your relationship with yourself and your commitment to a more physically fit lifestyle.

Here’s a suggestion for a personal greeting card campaign to keep you on track:

Card One:
Create an “I Am” card, which includes a photo of your self. In this card, write statements that describe your state of being as if you have already achieved your weight loss goal. For example, a few of your “I Am” statements might read: I am reveling in my new size eight wardrobe; I am completing my work day with more than
enough energy to enjoy each evening; I am thanking my family and friends for their compliments on my new physique; I am inspiring others to take more responsibility for their physical fitness; I am enjoying greater self-esteem through my discipline to complete my daily work outs and drink my superfood shake.

Card Two
Send yourself a humorous card.

Card Three
Send yourself a Valentine declaring how much you love yourself for your decision to lose weight.

Card Four
Send yourself a card with an image of the big reward you intend to give yourself when you reach your weight loss goal.

Keep your cards posted where you can see them throughout your weight loss program.

Hopefully these suggestions will inspire you to have fun creating and sending cards to yourself to reinforce your commitment to lose weight.


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