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Friday, March 16, 2012

Weight Loss Tips - Rewards Are Sweet

 Rewards Are Sweet

Have you ever heard of a contest where you’re eligible to earn cash and other cool prizes just for working out each day?

You’ll be delighted to learn that you and anyone you know can participate in The Beachbody Challenge, which offers daily, monthly, quarterly, and grand prize cash awards up to $100,000 for the winners!

The Beachbody Challenge offers motivation for you to get as fit as possible for an opportunity to win the cash prizes. All you have to do is register at, use any Beachbody home workout program, and share your results. You’ll automatically earn a free T-shirt and a chance to win any of the prizes. Just viewing the previous winners’ before and after photos provides amazing

Once you register, you’ll also have access to Beachbody’s online gym where you can log in your daily workouts and connect with more workout buddies.

You’ll also want to reward yourself as you make progress towards your weight loss goal and once you hit your target. New clothes are an obvious gift to give your self.

Consider buying your next workout program, a contribution to your favorite charity, or theater tickets.

Your supportive family members and friends also deserve a special reward, such as a special home-cooked healthy meal, flowers, something for their hobby, or a special outing.

Your accountability buddy deserves special recognition from you so be sure to include them in your reward program. Imagine making a surprise donation to their favorite charity as a token of your appreciation for helping you meet your weight loss goal.


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