Being Bruce -: Weight Loss Tips - Assessment

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weight Loss Tips - Assessment


Since you set SMART goals with a time bound component, when it’s time to check back to your original weight loss goals, your assessment might look like this.

Specific – “I will lose 15 pounds towards my total weight loss goal of 30 pounds.”
Assessment: I lost 12 pounds.

Measurable –“I will weigh myself each morning before breakfast”.
Assessment: I weighed myself each morning and posted my weight each day in my blog.

Actionable –“I will work out six days per week and follow a healthy nutrition plan daily.”
Assessment: On average I completed a workout five days per week over the course of my weight loss program. I followed my nutrition plan daily except when I traveled on business I did not stick with my plan. This occurred on 10% of the days during my program.

Realistic – “Starting my program on April 1st allows sufficient time to meet my goal”
Assessment: I could have started one month earlier and also should have developed a contingency nutrition plan for business travel.

Time bound – “Achieve goal by August 15th for daughter’s wedding.”
Assessment: I am 3 pounds short of my weight loss goal. The good news is that I fit into my dress and felt good on my daughter’s wedding day!

In order to have greater success in setting and achieving your next weight loss goal, answer these questions based on your SMART goal assessment.

What worked?

What didn’t work?

Where could I use more support?

This assessment indicates good weight loss progress with some tweaking necessary for the next goal in the areas of consistent nutrition and work outs and additional support.


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