Being Bruce -: Weight Loss Tips - Prepare Your Space, Equipment, Workout Clothes

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Weight Loss Tips - Prepare Your Space, Equipment, Workout Clothes

Prepare Your Space, Equipment, Work Out Clothes

Preparation is one of the most important steps for any successful endeavor, so you’ll want to follow this step for your weight loss success.

If you were planning to cook a complex meal, you would select your recipes (healthy of course!), make your shopping list, buy your ingredients, check that you have the appropriate kitchen utensils, and schedule more than enough time to complete your cooking tasks.

When preparing for your weight loss program, you want to identify your workout space, make a list of the equipment and clothes you need, and purchase what you need in advance.

Bruce works out in our garage and Marge works out in our sunroom. We both need a DVD player and color display to play our workout programs. You’ll probably need a work out towel, mat and light weights or a resistance band. Marge used filled water bottles to start her weight-centric exercises until she felt confident to use two-pound weights.

Depending on your selected work out program, other equipment might be necessary, so be sure to thoroughly review your program before you plan to start your regimen.

You must have comfortable work out clothes; you don’t need designer wear. Have at least two sets of work out clothes so you can rotate them through the wash. There’s nothing like a clean T-shirt and shorts to help you get moving.

Go to a reputable sports equipment store and buy the best-fitting, highest quality athletic sneakers you can afford. Be sure to have comfortable socks too!


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