Being Bruce -: Weight Loss Tips - If You Belong to a Gym

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weight Loss Tips - If You Belong to a Gym

 If You Belong to a Gym

Gyms are great! We’ve belonged to a variety of gyms and wellness centers over the past decades, including a state-of-the-art aquatics center with an  Olympic-size lap pool.

Here are a few of the positive things we found about our gym memberships:
  • Seeing others workout makes you feel less alone on your weight loss journey
  • Seeing others with fit bodies is an amazing motivator
  • Access to a variety of well-maintained equipment
  • Availability of trainer (usually for an additional cost)
  • Making new friends with the staff and other members
  •  Gear and equipment for sale on site
Here are a few of the negative things we found about our gym memberships:
  • Commuting back and forth
  • Closures for holidays, repairs, and moves
  • Ongoing membership fees, whether you use the facility or not
  • Having to wait for the particular machine you want when you want to use it
  • Crowded work out classes
  • Small, crowded locker rooms
  • Lack of peer support
  • Lack of incentives or rewards for meeting work out goals
Surely you can add your own opinions to these lists.

If you’ve found a gym that meets your needs that’s in the right place for the right price, then, by all means, we encourage you to use it on a consistent basis.

Our advice is to have a home-based work out alternative to your gym membership for those days when you don’t have time for your gym commute, when the weather is inclement, or you need a change of pace.


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