Being Bruce -: 65 Challenge - Day 7 11-30-11

Thursday, December 1, 2011

65 Challenge - Day 7 11-30-11

OK, so no cart-pushing today, just me walking and running. Even though I had to stop to tighten the laces on a shoe, plus take some photos and upload them in a Facebook Check-in (lol), I still cut 2 seconds off my best time. So I'm pleased.

During the day I noticed that my quads and hamstrings were feeling it a bit, but in a good way, not tight, but just feeling exercised! Cool.

I love that I'm able to incorporate exercise and healthy eating and living in my job. Being a Team Beachbody Coach starts with taking care of yourself and sharing what works with people who care or notice. If you'd like to see how some other TBB Coaches feel about it, check this site