Being Bruce -: 65 Challenge - Day 6 11-29-11

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

65 Challenge - Day 6 11-29-11

Oh-oh, it rained this morning.

I'm a big fan of rain, and I love to walk in the rain in cities and don't mind it when I'm hiking. However, I don't choose to run/walk in the rain, so today I bagged the 5K run/walk.

Instead, I did a P90X stretch workout and then went to a class.

Watch the video to see what kind of class I went to.

I'm really grateful to Marty and John Kosmeh who introduced Marge and I to Team Beachbody. As Team Beachbody Coaches our health and fitness is our business and we get to help lots of other people, too! Love it!

If you'd like info about Coaching with us, go to to see what some other people like us (and like you?) say about being a Team BeachBody Coach. And then call me!