Being Bruce -: I Commit to a 65 Challenge - How About You?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

I Commit to a 65 Challenge - How About You?

OK, here's what I'm committing to on my 65th birthday on December 15, 2011:
  • 65 pushups
  • 65 situps
  • 65 pullups
  • 65 chinups
  • 65 minutes of running/jogging/walking
(Note that I'm giving myself an out on  running for a full 65 minutes. That's what I'd like to do, but I'm not a runner and haven't been for 39 years. So I want to give myself a break if I have knee or back problem. I'll for sure be able to walk and may have to do a combo.)

In preparation for the running I started today doing a 5K I'd previously measured in our neighborhood. I finished it in 41 minutes and 50 seconds, roughly a 13.5 minute mile rate. I was able to run about one quarter of the way (the first half mile and then several shorter bits). I'll keep training daily on the 5K route (it starts just outside front door).

Each day I'm going to post my progress on the running part of this commitment. I'll also create a short YouTube video daily about how the overall training is going. 

So, my challenge is personal because I want to commit to health and fitness and by making it public I'm adding a huge accountability factor. This may be a silly idea (I don't think so) but I'm also going to plan on increasing each year - next  year it will be 66 pushups, 65 situps, etc.

I'd like to suggest that you consider this commitment as well. More than 2/3 of the adults in our country are overweight or obese, in fact the worst age demographic group is the one I'm a member of, the Baby Boomers - 73% of us are either overweight or obese. Let's reverse that trend, folks.

Here's a short video that covers the same info:

So who's going to join me in this for their birthday or their current age?

And if you're not a Baby Boomer (born between 1946 and 1964) how about you? If you're 21 and can't do 21 of each of the above exercises and run or at least fast walk for 21 minutes, I respectfully suggest you get working. It's good for you.

Oh yeah, and I realized this morning (when I decided to make this commitment) that I don't have decent running shoes (today I ran in some VERY old and worn New Balance cross trainers). So I thought it would also be interesting to test the concept of "social capital." So I'm looking for two sponsors, one for a new pair or running shoes and another for a good heart rate  monitor (I have a few models in mind).

Here's what I have in social capital. I have:
3208 Facebook friends
4551 Twitter followers
890 Google+ users who have me in their circles
990 LinkedIn connections
62 subscribers and 155 friends on my YouTube channel.

So each day when I do the update on my blog (, including the YouTube video in the blog post), I'll also post it in all of the above social media services.

If you'd like to sponsor either running shoes or a heart rate monitor, I'll include an ad for your business on my blog and mention you each day in the blog post and on the video. The only limitation (other than legal, good taste, and family-friendly companies) is that the sponsors can't be in competition with my business as a fitness and nutrition coach with Team Beachbody. Otherwise, this is blatant commercialism, I suppose, but I thought it would be interesting to try and a chance for a whole bunch of social media exposure for you. Sporting goods companies, running shoe companies, or fitness or running stores are certainly welcome and appropriate. The best way to contact me is by phone (910) 297-8753 or email at

I'm having fun with the idea of the challenge and the side concept of getting sponsors via so-called 'social capital' is another interesting factor, for me. I'll report on how that works for me, too, because I know lots of folks wonder about social media with sponsoring and ads and so forth. For sure, btw, I'll include active links to your company in the blog posts daily and in or next to your ad.