Being Bruce -: I Was Dogging It - Part 3 - Still Going Strong

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I Was Dogging It - Part 3 - Still Going Strong

On the third day of the 3-day Shakeology Cleanse I'm happy to report all is well and I'm still going strong.

This morning I weighed 148.0 pounds and my body fat measured 14%, so I've lost 2.5 pounds in 2 days and gotten back to my "happy-range" (for now anyway) of 13-14% body fat and 146-148 pounds. Did the P90X X Stretch today as my legs and arms were really feeling it from the past two days hard workouts after a three week stint of taking it much easier.

During Day One I remarked that I didn't mind drinking green tea instead of my usual black coffee, but I'm really ready to get back to coffee tomorrow. I also feel a little hungry at times but then I'm ready for another shake or more fruit or it's time for the green salad and chicken dinner. Last night I had dinner much later than usual for me (8:30PM) because I spent much of the day at networking events and then led a 90 minute clinic on Sports Performance Mental Edge Training at TrySports in Wilmington, so I had a HUGE plate of greens with sliced red onion and cooked chicken breast, drizzled with EVOO.

So I'll finish the third day today and report tomorrow about the final numbers and how it worked out. I was looking for a diet reset after eating huge amounts of yoghurt and crunchy peanut butter in addition to my normal diet while getting over my cold (now thankfully gone), and the Shakeology 3-Day Cleanse has definitely helped.