Being Bruce -: 65 Challenge - Day 4 - 11-27-11

Sunday, November 27, 2011

65 Challenge - Day 4 - 11-27-11

Hey, it was better! Today I was actually able to run again! And I had my best time yet!

I was concerned a little when I was getting ready to do my 5K this morning because yesterday my shins burned so much and my hamstrings were so tight I literally couldn't run more than a step. 

But today I maybe even half the distance. My time was 41:20, my best time yet by 30 seconds, so the pace was 13 minutes 30 seconds average per mile. (And yes, I know that's not to great, but remember, I'm not a runner and doing this as an extra challenge on top of my usual P90X workout. 

So I'm a happy camper. Looking forward tomorrow when I'll try to meet or beat  today's time. 

Here's a video summary: