Being Bruce -: Wilmington Professional Group at North Kerr Spalon

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wilmington Professional Group at North Kerr Spalon

It was a gorgeous day in Wilmington, perfect for the Wilmington Professional Group's networking event/cookout at North Kerr Spalon's new location on North Kerr Avenue. Below three of the four Wilmington Professional Group's organizers, Sandy Powell of North Kerr Spalon, Neal Whitington of Zutu Marketing, and Arian Kelley of PrePaid Legal greet arrival Fred Kumpel of Stickland's Window Coverings.

Accupuncturist Kris Peterson

I met David Harrison of Pre-Paid Legal - we had a nice chat about market niches and deciding the best ways to help people. Here David is with Rick Huston of Insphere Insurance Solutions. Rick and I talked a bit about using short video clips to convey vital information (see our less-than-vital short clip below).

Klif Kinnamon, a man of few words, from Zutu Marketing.

Next Media's Austin Thomas, personal trainer Dee Whitington, and Nsalo Salon stylist Melissa Kinnamon.

Here's the clip Rick and I shot. Using video on blogs and websites is becoming increasingly common as a way to communicate your message (even if your message is that using video is becoming increasingly common).