Being Bruce -: My Adventure with Dancing with the Brunswick Stars - Journal Entry 7 - Our Third Practice

Friday, May 7, 2010

My Adventure with Dancing with the Brunswick Stars - Journal Entry 7 - Our Third Practice

Yesterday was our third practice for Dancing with the Brunswick Stars - the actual event is August 6th at the Dinah Gore Aquatics and Fitness Center on the campus of Brunswick Community College in Supply, NC.

My professional partner is Kimberly Boggs, pictured below in pink and blue. I'm the guy further below in black and blue (in more ways than one). Kimberly coaches the College's dance team and has been a teaching dance professional in southeastern North Carolina for two centuries (well, at least for part of two centuries).

We took the two photos below at the end of our practice yesterday. We needed three people to help get my leg up like that. For Kimberly it was easy.

Now what you can't tell from these photos is that after Kimberly stretched a bit more she left me with my leg up on the Step risers and took off. Fortunately one of the Aquatics center trainers walked by the studio and helped me down. Notice Kimberly's evil grin - you know she was planning the whole thing!

So here we are practicing our routine. You may notice that I talk a lot and try to be funny. That's my way of attempting to distract Kimberly from noticing that I'm not doing the steps correctly. It didn't work. I suspect that Kimberly's leaving me with my right leg stuck on the risers was her subtle way of letting me know that indeed she did notice I wasn't doing the steps correctly AND that she wasn't distracted for a moment by my mindless chatter.

Be sure to follow my weekly Adventures with Dancing with the Brunswick Stars. It's for a good cause (raising scholarship money for students at BCC) and a lot of fun (for me anyway - well, except the being stranded in the studio with my leg in the air part).

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