Being Bruce -: Coastal Carolina Concepts Ribbon Cutting April 30, 2010

Monday, May 3, 2010

Coastal Carolina Concepts Ribbon Cutting April 30, 2010

Lauren Formalarie's Coastal Carolina Concepts social media marketing and advertising company is making waves in Brunswick County and the Greater Wilmington, NC area. On Friday April 30th CCC had ribbon cutting at the offices of the North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce.

Here's Lauren, as usual with a big smile.

Lauren and her Mom, Melody Formalarie.

Lauren and her brother Nolan.

Scott Reeves.

Supreme Ambassador Alice Razzano, NBCC Executive Director Dana Fisher, and Justin Williams (showing us his put the lens cap cover on the camera with your elbow trick).

Tony Vlach.

Lauren with Kerry Kasotsky and Monica Clark.

Bob Baer hugging Carolyn Pirnat.

Lauren talking to the group about her company's services.

Jason Miller with Dave Seaton and Kerry Kasotsky.

Lauren and Ben Bagby.

Donna Damiano and Ken Schiess.

Nolan Formalarie and Donna Damiano.

Ben Bagby and Melody Formalarie.

Dana Fisher and Nolan Formalarie.

Connie Reeves and Ken Schiess.

Another successful ribbon cutting!

Lauren, welcome to the North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce - we're proud to have you and your company as a member!

[Photo credits: Marge Brown]

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