Being Bruce -: Brunswick County Resort Maps Ribbon Cutting

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Brunswick County Resort Maps Ribbon Cutting

One of the newest members of the North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce had a ribbon cutting in May. Brunswick County Resort Maps is the company and owners Peter and Mary Kurki are in the center of the photo below.

Scott and Board Member Connie Reeves.

Connie Reeves with newly elected board member Ken Schiess, Executive Director Dana Fisher, and new board member Alice Razzano.

Newly elected board members Peggy O'Leary and Terry Grillo.

Ken Schiess with new board member Jamie Shoemaker.

Mary and Peter Kurki talk with Scott Schmidt of Carolina Creations Landscaping.

Alice with Susan Rivenbark and Dana.

NBCC volunteer Anne Donovan.

East Carolina Bank's Susan Cruse and Miriam Lee.

Peter with NBCC Board Member Jeff Harvell.

Mary and Peter Kurki.

Mary Kurki.

(Photos by Marge Brown)