Being Bruce -: Bruce's Geek Station

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bruce's Geek Station

I posted a couple of photos on Facebook and Twitter today in response to some questions I received and wanting to share something I'd figured out. The first photo was just showing my lighting setup, but the I posted the second to answer a question about the absence of a camera.

Caption for the photo above: I figured out a $30 solution to good lighting for self-shot videos indoors. Actually I spent nothing because I already had the stuff around the house (and garage); you probably do, too. In the photo below the "bright white" lights aren't turned on, because they'd blow out the shot, but they throw very white light (rather than the yellow-ish light with regular "soft white" incandescent bulbs).

Caption for the photo above: OK, so someone messaged me to ask where's the camera in the photo I just sent? Well, that photo was just showing the lighting setup, so I put my usual shooting setup in place and took another shot. In this one you can see the lights, Flip camera, small Joby flexible tripod, card reader, microphone, headphones, and backup drive (not to mention the big cup of coffee). Can you also find the Samurai swords in this photo? They're there and I can see them. (Another video tip: I dimmed the notebook screen before I took this photo, it was on full brightness in the other one.) I call this photo Bruce's Geek Station. (And forgot to mention that I can see the back of one of my linear transducers in this photo, too, but you probably don't care about that, LOL.)