Being Bruce -: Donna Tyson and Women in Enterpreneurship at Brunswick Community College

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Donna Tyson and Women in Enterpreneurship at Brunswick Community College

Business Motivational Speaker Donna Tyson was the main event at this week's Women in Entrepreneurship seminar put on by the Brunswick Community College's Small Business Center.

The event was hosted by the Brunswick Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by ATMC (whose film crew also taped it for ATMC TV). Below are ATMC's Emily Flax, Angie Godsey and Tia Hines.

BCC-SBC Diretor Tom Hemphill with Linda Stinson and Bonnie Williams.

The first half of the program consisted of five local women entrepreneurs telling their stories. They includes (L to R): Heather Merrow, P.A., Holden Beach Medical Center; Regina Nichols, The Print Shoppe, Inc.; Sharonda Davis, Sweet Sensations Hair Design; Ann Parvin, Plantation Builders and Spectrum Electrical; and Candace Mooney of

A good-sized group assembled for the early AM seminar.

Tom with ATMC's Angie Godsey.

Sandy Morckel, President of Development Systems International based in Sunset Beach, NC, was also in the audience.

Sandy Morckel and Donna Tyson. Donna's book The Red Bow and other info about Donna and what matters to her can be found on her website

Thanks to ATMC, the Brunswick Chamber of Commerce, and the Brunswick Community College Small Business Center for a fine program. As Donna Tyson says on her business card, "You really do make a difference, and the first place to start is with you!"

Click on this link to go to the BCC Small Business Center page or this link for a listing of the Spring 2010 free seminars.

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