Being Bruce -: Fire & Spice Gourmet Opens in Downtown Wilmington!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fire & Spice Gourmet Opens in Downtown Wilmington!

There's a new place to shop for cooking supplies and food in downtown Wilmington, North Carolina. Fire & Spice Gourmet in the Cotton Exchange had their grand opening and ribbon cutting on Tuesday with plenty of guests and dignitaries on hand to assist. They even provided entertainment!

Owners Tommy and Judy Cooper are on hand and ready to assist.

Judy with cashier Kathy Viveona.

North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Dana Fisher with Duke Ladd, who provided the entertainment (see the video below for a short sample).

I'm including several shots inside the store so you'll get an idea of the look and feel of this fine emporium.

Originally opened as a hot sauce shop upstairs in the Cotton Exchange, you'll still find a vast selection in the new store.

Wilmington Town Councilman, attorney Kevin O'Grady was on hand when Joan and Mike Loch of the Crescent Moon glass art gallery arrived.

Here's a better shot of Joan and Mike.

Duke Ladd, Dana Fisher, and Jean Bullock.

Wilmington Downtown Inc.'s John Hinnant with Kevin O'Grady.

Duke at the keyboard (and while it may not look that way, he's more than a two finger keyboardist).

Here's a short video of Duke at play:

Mandy McCourt and Aileen Dufault of Top Toad with Jill Brophy of Revolution9, two other Cotton Exchange shops.

Getting read to cut the ribbon. That's Cotton Exchange manager Nancy Bullock speaking to the assemblage.

Mandy and Aileen were looking on.

Joan filmed the ceremony with her Flip Ultra HD.

The ever-ebullient Wilmington Mayor Billy Saffo welcomed Judy and Tommy's new business as a boon for downtown residents and visitors.

It took a few hands to get the ribbon cut with ceremonial scissors, but they did it.

Attoorney Sharon Hatton.

Mike with Joan wearing shades.

Dana and Billy - if you look closely you'll see the wine is called Queen of Hearts.

Great coffee and struddle were provided in copious quantities.

Colorful culinary accoutrements.

You can even by boxers and tank tops in the store.

Nifty entry and kitchen matts.

And a beachy selection of kitchen towels.

Fire & Spice Gourmet is a great addition to downtown. Congratulations Judy and Tommy. Thanks to Joan Loch for giving us the heads up so Dana and I could come over from the Land of Abundance many know as Leland to attend this event.

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