Being Bruce -: Rebecca and Brian's Re-Wedding

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rebecca and Brian's Re-Wedding

On May 25, 1990 Rebecca and Brian Moxey were married. In a church. With a big reception. With family and friends.

On May 25, 2010 they recommitted to their vows. In a somewhat different way.

It was a total surprise to Rebecca and to their daughter Hannah.

Everything is ready.

Rebecca, Brian, and Hannah arriving (still outside).

Rebecca, Brian, and Hannah with Lilly Spencer (daughter of Melanie and Sean Spencer, the owners of BikeCycles).

We all went to O.C. for a great meal and celebration.

Melanie Spencer gave a toast.

Wilmington Mayor Billy Saffo came over to congratulate Rebecca and Brian.

Hannah Moxey and Mayor Billy Saffo.

From left to right and front to back : Brian Causey, Erin Greene, Mike Jones, Grant Myers, Brook Harvey, Tag Spencer, Marge Brown, Sean Spencer, Sami Winter, Bruce Brown, Hannah Moxey, Rebecca Moxey, Charlie George, Lilly Spencer, Brian Moxey, Melanie Spencer