Being Bruce -: My Next Challenge - the Beachbody Ultimate Reset

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Next Challenge - the Beachbody Ultimate Reset

Stay tuned as I'm embarking on a new challenge starting today, the 21 Day Beachbody Ultimate Reset.

The photo on this post was my original Challenge in 2011 when I started having Shakeology for Lunch for 100 days and then added P90X for another 90 Days. In that time period I started at 181.5 pounds and 25% body fat and ended up at 146 pounds and 13% body fat - oh, and along the way my doc
tor took me off cholesterol medicine I'd been on for 11 years. My weight hasn't fluctuated too much in the last 14 months (this morning I was 143 pounds and 13% body fat), but I still have some goals.

I'm going to re-weigh myself and take some new pics in the morning but here are my goals for the 21-day program: I'd like to get back to my high school weight of 135 pounds (very healthy for my 5'8" height and I'd also like to get my body fat down to 11 or 12%). I also have some trouble spots I'd like to reduce, namely some stubborn belly fat and back fat (what people usually call 'love handles').

Since my system will be detoxing along the way in the 21 day process while I also learn to eat a whole lot of new foods (it's not a starvation diet by any means, lol), I'm also hoping to maybe sleep better. I'm the original I-don't-need-much-sleep guy, have been since college and in all those years I had averaged 4-6 hours per night. Now I'm realizing if I want to get stronger and healthier, and this last year I've been working at getting my sleep time up to 6-8 hours but it isn't always easy - I'm hoping by the end of the Reset I'll be sleeping like a baby for a full 7-8 hours every night.

I don't intend to keep a running commentary here about my experiences and progress (we have a Challenge group of 6 for that plus we're part of a group of 2,400+ around the country doing the Beachbody Ultimate Reset at the same time in a Challenge called Lean and Clean by Halloween). I will report back at the end, however, with before and after photos and data on weight and body fat changes, body composition alterations, and how the sleep thing goes.