Being Bruce -: Where Have We Been? Where Are We Going?

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Where Have We Been? Where Are We Going?

Wow, is life a lot of fun these days!

I've not posted on this blog for a bit. Marge and I have been having a blast during the summer. We've also been in a huge business growth phase for our Team Beachbody Coaching and for our Quantum Results Coaching 31 Days personal development book series.

We have discovered a way to balance our lives in two endeavors we both love, coaching and writing. For a while we weren't sure how people would view our maintaining both businesses.

But guess what? Eventually we figured out that if we're going to be any help to others, we have to be true to ourselves first so that our energy, enthusiasm, and joy would shine through everything we do.

So here's how it's coming down.

Our primary business focus is being Coaches with Team Beachbody. In simple terms, we love it! Marge and I have both had significant weight management, fitness, and health wins using Beachbody fitness and nutrition products and we love sharing that with others so they can work toward their own health and fitness goals. Financially it's working well for us, too, so that's another significant win.

So we call ourselves Health and Fitness Coaches because that's what we do. And it's also what we recruit and train others to do.

We're at the point now (with just over 100 Coaches in our group) that we're able to focus much of our energies coaching other Team Beachbody Coaches to their own success. So while we're no longer in practice as life and business coaches, we're performing both roles while we work with our Team Beachbody Coaches. And again, we love it and look forward to ever greater success helping others and growing our business at the same time.

We're also writers. We thought we could put book writing aside, at least for a few years, but that just didn't work. We're not spending most, or even half, our time working on our books, but we have decided to commit enough time to marketing our existing (19) titles and working on new projects (we each have two in the works) so that we aren't neglecting a force that refuses to lie dormant. So probably about 20% of our working time is spent with our books.

Recently we've been learning a lot about Facebook page marketing to simplify our marketing efforts for our books and gradually our Team Beachbody Coaching business. So you'll see us on Facebook talking about books (or rather the topics of our books) and also about health and fitness. It all fits together for us since our books are primarily about personal and business development and we use the same information, strategies, and systems working with our Beachbody customers and Coaches.

And in the meantime, we're continuing to have fun with our friends and family, enjoying the plentiful benefits of the greater Wilmington, North Carolina area as well as Brooklyn, NY and York Beach, Maine when we travel to see our grandchildren. All is well with our grandchildren and our children in New York and Maine, we're elated to report, and our son in San Francisco is having the time of his life! (Pete's about depart for a business trip to Japan and recently went on a similar trip to Germany - and it's all about video games, which has been a major interest most of his life! Go, Pete).

So that's us. Coaches, writers, happy parents, proud grandparents, and thoroughly enjoying life. Marge and I just had our 42nd wedding anniversary and we're looking forward to at least another 42 years - we know that if we're going to have a fighting chance we'll continue to commit to our health and fitness as Team Beachbody Coaches, so everything all fits together, you see.