Being Bruce -: Eating For Health with the Ultimate Reset

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Eating For Health with the Ultimate Reset

We're now 2/3 through the 21 day Beachbody Ultimate Reset. So far there has been little stress or drama.

The first week was a stablizing week where we took supplements to alkalize our systems and started a gradual shift from meat and dairy products. That week was easy. The biggest change for Marge and I was switching to drinking distilled water instead of tap or bottled water - the point is to get rid of toxins and also to lessen overall acidity.

Our favorite meal change during week one was to have a microgreen salad for lunch. Here's an example of one of the salads - the ingredients can vary a bit from day today. In the photo below we added a little leftover lentil pilaf from the night before.

During week two we moved to all vegan and grains. Our intention, and the purpose of the program, is not to end up as vegans-for-life, but just for the purposes of the detox and the digestive system reset. I'm sure we'll go back to eating chicken, beef, and fish plus some dairy after the Reset, but perhaps not as often as before because we've discovered so many new healthy, delicious foods and recipes based on the vegan diet.

Week two entails taking a detox supplement three times a day (in addition to some other supplements). It wasn't a harsh routine or cleanse experience (no rushing to the bathroom involved) and I actually liked the taste of the detox powder mixed with water (go figure).

Again there were several new recipes we enjoyed, but our clear favorite was Edamame and Roasted Corn Succotash. I even had to Google how to pronounce 'edamame', which looks like lima beans but tastes waay much better. Marge said last night that this Succotash is her favorite vegetable dish ever! The photo below is of Marge preparing the Edamame and Roasted Corn Succotash.

My only negative about doing the Ultimate Reset is that we can't exercise. Because the Reset is 'extreme fitness for your inside', you are told definitely not to engage in strenuous exercise workouts (um, and that includes P90X of course). We are taking daily 20-30 minute walks, twice a day as recommended, but that was part of our daily routine anyway. I miss P90X and confess that I've snuck in a couple pullups and chinups once in a while just for fun.

So now we're starting the third week and I'm looking forward to this experience.

Results-wise, I have lost a few pounds, about 3 so far, and my body fat has decrease 1/2 of a percent. The bigger change is I'm sleeping on average about 1 hour more per night, and that's a good thing. Only once in the past two weeks did I feel hungry and after I had a glass of water that feeling quickly passed.

Learning a lot and loving the experience.