Being Bruce -: What? A burger in an Italian restaurant??

Friday, December 19, 2008

What? A burger in an Italian restaurant??

OK, so anyone around here who knows me knows I like to eat at Antonio's Pizza and Pasta Restaurants , especially the one at Cross Creek Commons in Leland, across from Magnolia Greens. Steve hosts our Wednesday 8AM BNI meetings at no charge, and he often hosts North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce luncheon meetings. Marge and I have had meetings and seminars at Antonios for Fat City Cards, our SendOutCards distributorship and it's my favorite place to take real estate agents I'm recruiting for the Leland office of Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Realty. [OK - end of links and company plugs.]

I also often go to Steve Pagley's place with friends, clients, and co-workers. Antonios features authentic Italian cooking in a friendly atmosphere for good prices. Duh, what's not to like? Steve, the owner, or at least the principal of Antonio's, got his start learning to cook from his grandmother in his native Sicily and it seems like he, or someone anyway, never forgot a single one of her lessons.

[Time out - Steve introduced us to "breakfast pizza". How's that for a concept? He told me his grandmother used to serve him breakfast pizza every day with a glass of fresh milk with ice. Just to hang out for a few minutes with a guy who gives a good reason (or at least a story) for having pizza for breakfast is a big win in my book.]

Ok, so yesterday Marge and I were having lunch at Antonios with our buddy Klif Kinnamon and Steve came over to tell us about being interviewed that morning for WWAY. The TV station is doing month-long feature on Leland as a developing area and they wanted to interview Steve. Well the cool thing is, he wore his LA hat for the interview.

Our office had a bunch of LA hats made up to celebrate what some folks used to refer to as the "Leland Area" (hence L.A.) to what we now refer to as the "Land of Abundance". In fact on the back of the hat it reads, "Welcome to the Land of Abundance."

So anyway, Steve was telling us about his interview when the waitperson came to take our order. I asked about the Designer Slice of the Day, which is what I usually order because it's usually different and always good. When she mentioned the specials, however, I quickly changed my mind, because among the other specials she mentioned they had cheeseburgers.

What is up with that?

Once before I had been at Antonio's when burgers were on the specials lists and had reflexively ordered one. I was knocked out. I don't know what kind of beef they use exactly, but I don't care, because they are amazing.

I ordered one again and once again it was outtasight. Klif was swayed by my enthusiasm and he had one, too. The photo below shows his vote.

Marge didn't order a burger, she had Italian Wedding Soup (always good) and Caesar salad, but I cut her a small wedge of my burger and she concurred. Heartily.

Steve, I don't what your grandmother would say if she knew you were serving burgers. But please don't stop.

Here's one more photo of Steve in his LA hat. I'm not much of a photographer I'll be the first to admit, but once in a while I get some shots I like and I really like this one. (Of course it could be the burger.)