Being Bruce -: Forest Views Editorial Working Session - But Who's Working?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Forest Views Editorial Working Session - But Who's Working?

A lively crew of 25 Brunswick Forest residents showed up at Charlie Macgrooder's restaurant in Leland Tuesday night to discuss the new community newsletter Forest Views. The first (December 2008) issue of the print publication will be mailed to all Brunswick Forest property owners next week, but the time is now to start working on the next issue. So we got together to share Macgrooder's appetizers (my fav were the tempura-style mushrooms), talk about the newsletter's purpose, and discuss and sign up to write pieces or take photos for the January issue.

As you can see from the photo below, it wasn't all work. Brunswick Forest resident and professional jingle-writer extraordinaire Dean Powell (on the left) kept us laughing and N2 Publishing's Bernadette Hayes (on the right) provided vital information and direction and attempted to keep the oft-times rowdy group focused.

Forest View is produced by N2 Publishing, a Wilmington, NC-based company with the mission of "turning neighborhoods into communities" and the business of creating and selling ads to businesses to support neighborhood newsletters.

The company's local headquarters is conveniently coincidental since N2 Publishing produces ad-supported print newsletters for communities throughout the U.S. N2 Publishing's energetic Area Director Bernadette Hayes is busy indeed producing and promoting newsletters for Magnolia Greens and Waterford in Leland, Porters Neck Plantation and Marsh Oaks in Wilmington, and now Brunswick Forest in Leland.

(Don't forget, folks, I help people buy and sell real estate in this area, so if you're interested in buying or selling in any of those fine communities - I'm as close as a phone call (910) 297-8753.)

Forest Views, like other N2 Publishing newsletters, looks more like a magazine than a typical newsletter. The first issue will have approximately 50 pages and with Brunswick Forest growing rapidly Forest Views is likely to be larger and hugely popular. A key to N2 Publishing's success is the content of the newsletters it produces are all written by residents of the respective communities. The newsletters have a secondary focus on regional and local issues, features, and events but the primary purpose is to write for and about the community residents.

Who doesn't want to see themselves (or their neighbors) highlighted in a magazine in articles about their interests, experiences, hobbies, pets, special skills, and even their businesses? Community calendars, classified ads (restricted to and free to residents of N2 Pubs local communities), resident business directories, and guides and how-to-do-it-here or where-to-find-it-here articles all have instant appeal.

If you're a Brunswick Forest resident and are interested in contributing editorial content to Forest Views, the very best way to contact Bernadette Hayes is via e-mail at . Whether you're a Brunswick Forest resident or not, if you'd like to advertise in Forest Views, also contact Bernadette at the same e-mail address. You can also contact Bernadette if you're interested in writing for or advertising in the N2 Pub's community newsletters for Magnolia Greens, Waterford, Porters Neck, or Marsh Oaks.

And, of course, if you're interested in buying or selling real estate in any of these fine communities, I'd be honored and pleased to assist you. Contact me, Bruce Brown, at (910) 297-8753,, or stop in at my office at 1018 Grandiflora Drive in Leland located in front of Magnolia Greens.